AquaPucks Pond Clarifier


Physical description

3.00 diameter Puck.

Solid and dense, Tan with dark specks. Pucks effervesce when submerged producing bubbles and a particles that rise to the waters surface.

Pucks available in 11 sleeve and 23 sleeve buckets. Each sleeve contains 3 pucks.


    Designed to interrupt the eutrophic cycle, our Pond Clarifier pucks make the water healthier for aesthetically pleasing native plant life.  Containing several natural ingredients, which work together to clarify the water, these pucks can restore a balanced environment allowing the natural beauty of your ponds, lakes and water features to shine through.     

This product is bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

 Potential areas of use include:

  • In surface water ponds, lakes, lagoons and golf course water features
  • To reduce odors in eutrophic ponds due to anaerobic conditions (e.g. sulfur compounds, volatile fatty acids, nitrogen compounds)
  • As an environmentally friendly alternative to standard pond treatments.

Safe for use with fish and invertebrates.

Click here to watch a slide show describing the benefits of our AquaPucks Pond Clarifier puck

Click here to watch the dissolving process of an AquaPucks Pond Clarifier puck.

 Product specification sheets and MSDS reports can be found here.

For AquaPucks Pond Clarifier Sales, Support and Distributor Information please contact:

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